Dwarven Netheril

The Moot
The Moot

Twenty-three noble dwarves make their way into the ceremonial conference chamber. The speaker, an elderly dwarf who, through the ages, has become to be known only as “[[jarl-drowslayer | Jarl Drowslayer]]”, raises his warhammer, a que for the nobles to take their seats.

Karlyn, a noble from Clan Belindorn and prominent citizen of the city of Underhome, is the first to oblige. Following him are the other nobles from Underhome, Mongor Ghalkin, Content Not Found: arthys-gordrivver, and Content Not Found: sandor-malthin. Mongor Ghalkin is known to venerate Vergidain, but usually keeps his greed in check.

Representatives from the city of Daunting also take their seats with alacrity. Content Not Found: baervard-crownshield gained his reputation as a cleric of Content Not Found: morndinsamman. Content Not Found: hyndbruin-gemscepter, on the other hand is a relatively successfull mushroom cultivator, and Content Not Found: shymra-shimmerhand is the deeps only Female priestess, venerating the dwarven deity of Content Not Found: morndinsamman.

The nobles from the firecaverns are easily distinguished from most of the nobles by virtue of them all having been retired from politics for several decades. Content Not Found: askel-bladebite, a centuries old sage, was rumored to have retired to the firecaverns long ago, and has little expression left on his face other than a perpetual facade of drowsiness.


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